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DesignBy Valley Dream Kitchens
115 Hampton Rd, Rothesay NB   
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In order to ensure we give you the most accurate quote possible we would love to take a look at your project. Please give us a call to book an appointment or stop in at our showroom.
115 Hampton Rd, Rothesay NB
DesignBy   506.849.1010
The Window Shop 506.849.7467
Kitchen Questionnaire

a) Household
1) How many people live in your household?
2) How many people do the cooking/baking in your household?
3) Do you/would you like to eat in your kitchen?
4) Do you carry out any secondary activities in your kitchen? (ie: homework, wine storage/wet bar, entertaining, etc)
b) Kitchen Utility
1) How old is your existing kitchen?
2) What do you like/dislike about your current kitchen?
3) What are some things that are important to you in your new kitchen?
4) Is there enough light in your kitchen? If not, what area needs more?
5) Would you like under-cabinet lighting, or lighting in glass cabinets?
6) How much storage would you like in your kitchen? (Lots, med, small)
7) Would you like to add/take away an island or peninsula?
8) What sort of in-cabinet items would you like? (lazy susans, spice racks, roll out trays, etc)
c) Appliances
1) Would you like the appliances to stay in their current location?
2) Will you be replacing any/all of your current appliances?
3) How much storage will you need for small appliances? (ie: mixer, food processor, blender, etc)
d) Aesthetics
1) Do you prefer doors, drawers, or a mixture of both?
2) What are your cabinet preferences? (stained wood, painted, glass, etc)
3) What are your door style preferences? (shaker, traditional, modern, etc)
4) What are your hardware preferences? (knobs, pulls, both, etc)
5) What material would you like for your countertop? (granite, laminate, quartz, etc)
6) Would you like the countertop material as a small backsplash or will you use tile?
7) Are you changing your floors, wall colour, lighting, etc?

Is there any extra information that would help with the design of your
new dream kitchen? Call us today!
115 Hampton Rd, Rothesay NB
DesignBy   506.849.1010
The Window Shop 506.849.7467